About the notecards…

The idea for the collection of Hāz for Hope cancer awareness notecards came to me while driving on an errand day in 2005, during my first six weeks of chemotherapy. I envisioned lacing ribbon into paper for a simple, unique effect. Over the following days, as I worked to flesh out the practicality of the vision, I realized, that through the cards, cancer would not only not defeat me, but would also give my life additional purpose.

Each Hāz for Hope notecard is handmade and combines many years of graphic and fashion design experience with my love of unique textured and patterned papers. Making the cards is therapy for me, but my ultimate hope is that each and every card will warm the heart of survivors, caregivers, or friends and loved ones of those we’ve lost.

Since my first diagnosis, I’ve had many close friends and family affected by cancer and other chronic diseases. Some have recovered and are in remission, some are still fighting, and some we’ve lost. You are not alone in your battle, or your parent’s battle, or your sibling’s battle, or your friends battle. We are all in this together. Let’s make a difference.

I lost my father, J. Michael Hayes, to dementia in May of 2019. He shared his graphic design experience and talent with me over the years, which I share with you through the notecards. Cheers Dad, I love and miss you dearly.

Amy Hayes
Founder/Designer, Hāz for Hope
Two-time breast cancer survivor